Friday, August 23, 2013

Take Fall Color Trends from Your Clothes to Your Toes

Since the release of the 2013 fall Pantone colors, the fashion world has been abuzz with designers trying to incorporate these colors into their fall lookbooks. Some fashionistas may be looking forward to purchasing a samba-toned sweater or emerald green skinnies, while others are left wonder how to incorporate acai-toned items and vivacious pink tones into their fall styles without looking too summery. Whatever your concerns may be with these new hues, you can still incorporate these colors in your wardrobe without breaking your personal piggy bank. It can be as simple as adding a new handbag to your collection, choosing a new eye shadow palette or picking up the latest shade of nail polish.

Cool Tones

The jeweled toned fall colors can be rocked as a pop of color in a statement piece, like a purse or a necklace, or used minimally as an accessory on your fingernails or toes. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate it, remember that cool tones elicit a calming affect and really can show off your laid-back mood. I am quite partial to the regal acai tone in this set...I wonder why?
Fall 2013 - Emerald
Fall 2013 - Linden Green
Fall 2013 - Mykonos Blue
Fall 2013 - Acai

Warm Tones

As fall weather starts to move in, you can bring in the heat with some sassier colors like the samba red, koi orange or vivacious magenta as seen below. Each of these colors elicit a passionate personality and a cheery demeanor. When choosing to add these to your look, wear with care ladies because they can be easily overdone.
Fall 2013 - Samba
Fall 2013 - Koi
Fall 2013 - Vivacious


Neutrals can be a girl's best friend and her worst enemy at the same time. When you pair too many neutral items together you can look drab, but when used in the right way it can be totally chic. Always make sure to incorporate a little color with your neutrals for a perfectly balanced look.
Fall 2013 - Turbulence

Fall 2013 - Deep Lichen Green
Fall 2013 - Carafe
Now that I've updated you on the latest fall colors to search for, which hues will you be incorporating into your fall style?
Jaime Costilow

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