Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High Fashion Files | A Michael Kors Dilemma

I’ve never been the type to want a bag just because it’s popular (a Coach bag with the iconic “C’s” printed all over it was never my style), but the Michael Kors Hamilton bags with the shiny little lock are just too cute to resist! When Jaime and I were in our local store shortly before Christmas and saw the new Hamilton Specchio totes, I knew I had to have the tan one with rose gold hardware. I put the bag on my wishlist, sent my husband the link and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, the bag went out of stock before the holidays.

Not yet ready to give up, I contacted Michael Kors customer service to find out if it were in-stock anywhere to have shipped to me. I was curtly informed that the bag was “discontinued due to depletion of stock” and was given a link to a list of all of their stores - in the world - and told that I could contact them if I wished. Thanks for the help - not!

Last week, Jaime and I made a trip to the mall on our lunch break so that she could return something to Anthropologie. We were headed to the food court when what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a Specchio tote with sparkling rose gold hardware - right in the store window! Not letting this one pass me by again, I marched into the store and bought it for myself. Afterall, it’s okay to splurge sometimes! And isn’t she pretty?!

Jaime’s comment on the situation? “Now you’ve got the bag that you wanted, next up, designer sunglasses!” Here we go again…

What designer accessory is “the one” for you?
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  1. After all your trouble searching for the bag, hopefully you'll love it when you carry it this spring!