Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mix it Up! Combining Leopard & Plaid

How many times have you ventured into your sprawling closet after getting ready for work or a night out with friends and said, “Ugh, I have nothing to wear!” It happens to everyone, don’t feel alone. I get super excited buying new clothes, shoes and accessories, only to be later disappointed that I’ve already worn that top with those pants or those shoes with that outfit. However, print mixing has allowed me to breakout of my fashion rut and easily update my wardrobe with a nominal amount of money spent.

One of the biggest trends in print mixing is the combination of plaid and leopard. When I first saw bloggers and fashion experts mixing prints I was appalled thinking, “How on earth can a normal person pull this off and still look put together?” However, after first experimenting with leopard and black and white stripes, I fell in love. I was able to bring new life to my wardrobe by stepping out of my comfort zone. Who knew? Check out my outfit of the day below where I combine plaid and leopard!

Jaime's Look Features: Leopard Booties (Similar Found Here) | Black Zippered Skinnies (Similar Here) | Plaid Ruffle Jacket (Similar Found Here | Crystal Statement Necklace (Similar Found Here) | Padlock Purse

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new by mixing prints! Are there certain prints that you’ve mixed that you’ve ended up loving? Or have you had an outfit fail when you’ve tried? I’d love to hear all about it, because trust me, I’ve had some amazing fails in my day.
Jaime Costilow

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