Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Regal Faves | Facial Scrubs & Treatment Masks

In last week’s skincare post, I covered how to create a skincare routine that would help keep your skin looking radiant and glowing. One thing I forgot to mention, as I was rambling on about cleansers and moisturizers, was the vital step of using a mask and/or exfoliating treatment. In addition to proper cleaning, treatments and moisturizers, using a treatment mask and/or exfoliator can help further slough off dead skin and allow your newly uncovered skin to better absorb the vitamins and moisturizer you're applying. Check out some of my favorite products below:
Skincare Essentials: Exfoliate & Treat


As recommended by beauty pro’s, I exfoliate my face twice a week with a non-abrasive scrub. While I’ve tried the walnut shell based scrubs, I was told by a Sephora skincare associate that you should never use products that contain shells or other abrasive, non-rounded materials because instead of smoothing your skin and exfoliating, you’re actually creating pits in your skin. Therefore always search for products that contain round bead-like shapes. For example, my personal favorite is Boscia’s Smoothing Facial Polish. This product gently removes dead skin while it hydrates and helps to protect against free radical damage. I have bought this time and time again and I’m never disappointed with how it leaves my skin feeling–velvety smooth! (Can you tell I’ve got a theme with my skin? The smoother the better!)

Treat & Deep Clean

For me, I don’t have a set regimen of how many times a week or month that I use a face mask. When I feel like my skin needs a little extra deep clean, I use GlamGlow’s Supermud Clearing Treatment. While this mask is slightly on the pricey side–okay very on the pricey side–it’s well worth the extra cash. One of the reasons I love this mask is that I can literally see the dirt being drawn out of my pores. Since one of the main components of the mask is charcoal, the dirt and sebum trapped in your pores is drawn out, leaving your skin looking AMAZING! Literally, there are some areas of my skin that have constant blackheads, but this product is helping clear up my problem areas while getting rid of the deep down dirt that seems to by hibernating in my pores.

Both of these products provide amazing results for me, but what works for your skin? Do you have a go-to skincare product that you rely on? Sound off below and tell me about the products in your beauty arsenal.
Jaime Costilow

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