Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wishful Thinking for Springtime Weather

Getting dressed each day has become a major struggle due to the ever-changing temperature happening in good ol' Indiana. One evening I'm taking Lola for a walk wearing a t-shirt and the next day, I'm talking roughly twelve hours later, I'm having to bundle up in a coat, sweater and boots. Which leaves me with the constant question, "When is spring coming?" We've officially adjusted to daylight savings time, allowing for extra sunlight in the evening, but as the weather continues to be unpredictable I never know what outfits to wear to prepare for the day.

So many other bloggers are breaking out their bright colors and fun spring styles, but I feel like I'm stuck in fall colors until the weather warms up. Check out today's style as I pair a my fave Old Navy Rockstar zip-pocket pants with leopard booties, ruffled white top and a sparkling statement necklace.

Jaime's Look Features: Crystal Statement Necklace (Similar found here) | White Ruffle-Side Top (Similar found here) | Zip-Pocket Jeans | Leopard Booties (Similar found here)

Keep your fingers crossed for Spring weather so I can break out of my wintery tones and into some springy hues.
Jaime Costilow

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Splurge vs. Find | Zip Pocket Pants

From social media to magazines and gossip columns, celebrity style is all around us. We love seeing our favorite celebs in everyday clothing the we have access to. I know I'd personally love to splurge and purchase the latest it-bag or even the coveted Valentino Rockstud shoes, but I know my budget would never allow for it. After all, do I really want one pair of amazing shoes or several timeless pieces that I could add to my wardrobe?

Enter the Paige Edgemont style jeans. After seeing these jeans on some of my favorite celebs, I knew I had to have them. But $269 for a pair of jeans? Eh, I think I'll pass and stick with my Hudson's and hope for a more affordable version to come through.

Celebrity Style Files
Then while shopping at Old Navy for some plain tanks and t-shirts, I ran across their Rockstar Zip Pocket Pants which were startlingly similar to the Paige jeans I'd been dreaming about. Let's be honest here, $25 vs. $269...I'll take the affordable option and be able to still pick up quite a few new spring pieces to add to my clothing arsenal.

In a side-by-side comparison–the Old Navy jeans are a great alternative to the Paige Edgemont jeans. They are soft, comfortable and provide the perfect fit. If you like the look of the Paige denim, I'd definitely recommend checking out Old Navy's version. You won't be dissapointed!
Jaime Costilow

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report, Part Deux

While part one of our Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report focused on the neutrals and pastels of the season to come, part two brings the fun with bright, bold color. Take a look at some of the pieces below to see how you can incorporate these trendy shades into your wardrobe once the cold and snow finally leave the Midwest...I have faith that it will happen.

Spring '14 - Celosia Orange

Celosia Orange is one bright hue that I definitely recommend giving a try this spring. Incorporate this warm shade with a cap sleeve dress, peplum jacket, or embellished jewel bib necklace. Want something more subtle? A bright clutch or lip color is the perfect way to sneak some color into your look.

Spring '14 - Freesia

This sunny color reminds me of bright daffodils and sunshine. How could you not feel happy when wearing Freesia? This one is surely to most bold of the spring 2014 colors and should be worn sparingly to avoid looking like a highlighter. Paint your toes a sunny yellow, sport some flat sandals, drop earrings or a waist-cinching belt. If you’re willing to go all the way, a skirt or fun top is the way to go!

Spring '14 - Cayenne

¡Muy caliente! This orangish shade of red is one color I am looking forward to. Try a Cayenne skater dress with a pair of flats, a bright pair of heels with black pants, firey red nails, or an animal print cross body bag for a night on the town. For a more subtle touch, try a bright statement necklace on a neutral base.

Spring '14 - Dazzling Blue

Cobalt may be a thing of the past but Dazzling Blue is in for Spring ‘14! Although bright, this color has a grown up feel that is perfect for both casual and fancy occasions -- pair a peplum with slacks for the office or search for a royal jewel-toned bandage skirt for a hot date. Statement flats, a jeweled cuff bracelet, or a nail color are safer ways to try this shade.

and of course, the 2014 Color of the Year…

Spring '14 - Radiant Orchid

You didn’t think I’d forget this one, did you? Absolutely ideal for spring, this pinky purple color offers a feminine touch to your wardrobe without going overboard. Add a pop of color to your ankle jeans and tee with Radiant Orchid Chuck Taylors, a buckled mini satchel or flowing tank. Take this color trend to the next level as a pencil skirt, nail lacquer or necklace.

So, now that you’ve seen it all, which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Tell us below and share links to any posts where you are incorporating these colors into your looks. We’d love to see them!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report, Part One

Spring is on the horizon and we’re already shopping around for the Spring 2014 trends that were displayed on the runway (see our trend report here and here) this past fall. While we often look at shapes and prints and specific pieces of a runway look, one thing to also consider for seasonal fashion is color. Fortunately, we have backup when it comes to determining what colors are hot and which ones are not, with the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report.

So what colors should you be on the lookout for in Spring 2014? We’ve got you covered…

Spring '14: Placid Blue

A pale blue hue, this color reminds me of a beautifully clear sky! From frilly dresses to blouses perfect for the office, Placid Blue is one color that you don’t have to fear. Not too bright, not too loud -- this color is absolutely perfect for spring!

Spring '14 - Violet Tulip

Reminiscent of beautiful spring flowers, Violet Tulip works in any shade. A deep purple makes for the perfect top or pair of statement flats while lighter shades add a pop of color with a chandelier necklace. Not sure you can pull it off? Try this shade on your nails or with a fun new wallet.

Spring '14 - Hemlock

Not quite shamrock, not quite mint, Hemlock brings to mind fresh cut grass and full-leaved trees. This classy color is ideal for those looking for a fun piece of jewelry like a new watch or ring. A jewel embellished sweater or blazer is another way to wear this trend without looking like a weed.

Spring '14 - Paloma

From shades of gray to metallic silvers, Paloma is a classic! This is one color that literally anyone can wear so no excuses! Invest in a pair of flats or pumps or a versatile dress. Accessorize with a new bag like this Michael Kors Hamilton tote or nail polish like the NARS color above.

Spring '14 - Sand

While I am a huge proponent of color, I have to say that this nude shade is my favorite this season! Anyone who knows me knows that I love the beach so you can expect that I will be adorning myself with “Sand”. Pair a girly skater skirt with a basic white tank, grab a versatile scarf, or a classic shoulder bag to be on trend this spring.

This is only half of the colors you should be on the lookout for this spring. Stay tuned for part two later this week. Which one are you most excited about so far? How are you planning to implement them into your looks?

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