Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Splurge vs. Find | Zip Pocket Pants

From social media to magazines and gossip columns, celebrity style is all around us. We love seeing our favorite celebs in everyday clothing the we have access to. I know I'd personally love to splurge and purchase the latest it-bag or even the coveted Valentino Rockstud shoes, but I know my budget would never allow for it. After all, do I really want one pair of amazing shoes or several timeless pieces that I could add to my wardrobe?

Enter the Paige Edgemont style jeans. After seeing these jeans on some of my favorite celebs, I knew I had to have them. But $269 for a pair of jeans? Eh, I think I'll pass and stick with my Hudson's and hope for a more affordable version to come through.

Celebrity Style Files
Then while shopping at Old Navy for some plain tanks and t-shirts, I ran across their Rockstar Zip Pocket Pants which were startlingly similar to the Paige jeans I'd been dreaming about. Let's be honest here, $25 vs. $269...I'll take the affordable option and be able to still pick up quite a few new spring pieces to add to my clothing arsenal.

In a side-by-side comparison–the Old Navy jeans are a great alternative to the Paige Edgemont jeans. They are soft, comfortable and provide the perfect fit. If you like the look of the Paige denim, I'd definitely recommend checking out Old Navy's version. You won't be dissapointed!
Jaime Costilow


  1. I'm actually wearing the Gap version of these pants today (got 'em on Friday, breaking them in now), and I love them! Super cozy, and good style pay-off. :)


  2. They are quite amazing, Ashley! I was so excited to find something similar without having to break the bank. So far I've purchased them in 3 more colors too! They are very cozy, I will agree! :)

    PS - I'm loving all of your outfit posts on your blog! Adorable!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Elisa! I'm loving this style from Old Navy. I've literally bought them in several of the colors. They are my go-to pants right now.