Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Regal Faves | Kacie's Top Hair Picks

A while back, Jaime did a post on her favorite hair products (see here), and I thought it was time I shared some of my own. My hair is a little tricky as it is dry towards the front of my head and tends to be on the oily side towards the crown –– I like to say I have “combination hair”. Take a look below at how I’m currently controlling my mane.

Top Picks for Mane Management

Although I like to switch up my hair products and try new things, I always seem to keep coming back to one line: CHI. It makes my hair shiny and manageable without adding weight and making it greasy. The Farouk Royal Treatment shampoo and conditioners are amazing! I love the Pure Hydration shampoo (although I’m currently using the Real Straight shampoo) and always the Aqua Charge conditioner. I’ve found that I have to use a cleansing shampoo such as Herbal Essences Drama Clean first to cleanse away the oil, and then follow up with my heavier moisturizing shampoo and conditioners for the perfect clean!

Before drying, I add a little mousse along my part to give it some lift, and spray CHI Keratin Mist on the length of my hair. This product helps to strengthen my hair and adds some extra conditioning before the heat of my blow dryer. I also like Neuma Blow Dry Lotion or Shuga Leave In Conditioner –– both great products! Since my hair tends to be pretty flat on top, I dry my hair upside down for more volume.

Before I straighten, I apply CHI 44 Iron Guard which is a thermal protectant spray. Surprisingly, my straightener is not CHI. I absolutely cannot live without my Brocato Vibrastrait Flat Iron! It vibrates as you pull the straightener through your hair so you don’t have to apply as much pressure, which ultimately prevents breakage. I finish with CHI Shine Infusion spray, always making sure to avoid the crown of my head (makes it too oily), and voilĂ ! I try to wash my hair every other day so when I'm on "Day Two", I spray on Sally Hershberger Caffeine. It's a volumizing spray, dry shampoo and finishing hair spray all in one!

What products are you using to contain your hair’s natural tendencies?
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