Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coloring in the Lines: Lip Crayon Craze

While I love a good nude lip or clear glossy pucker, big bold color has taken over for the summer and has been my go-to look. However instead of lipstick, I’ve opted for lip crayons. These little beauties provide the hydration of a lip balm, but give you the long lasting color of a lipstick. Win-win right?! For me I always find myself applying a lip balm prior to applying lipstick. After all, no one likes dry lips and flaking lipstick. #NotCute But with lip crayons you don't have to do that! I literally haven’t touched my lipstick after stumbling across lip crayons when shopping with a friend one day at Macy’s. That’s how amazing these are!

Here are my favorites that I’ve tried so far:
Lip Crayone Craze |

One // Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm: This lip crayon was the first one I stumbled across and it's still my go-to. It has an ease of application and provides amazing pigmented color and hydration. My favorite color: Plushiest Punch of course! It’s the perfect shade of raspberry pink and I’ve worn it in almost all of my spring and summer blog posts.

Two // Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil: Okay okay, I also love this brand of lip crayon too. It provides the same moisture and hydration that the Clinique brand does, but this has major staying power. I’m talking like eat, drink and wear all-day lasting power. My go-to color in this brand is Lambchop–a really pretty neon fuschia that’s versatile enough to go with all outfit choices.

Three // Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick: I saw this one at Sephora, and while I’ve yet to try it, I am dying to get it due to its name. You've gotta have fun with your beauty products too right? Ha! This one is said to have a high gloss finish, which is the perfect combo of lipstick and lip crayon in my book. I think when I finally buy this one I’ll be purchasing the Plum Jam color.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and the ramblings of a crazy lip crayon lover! Have you tried out this beauty trend yet? If so, what’s your favorite brand/color that helps you create the perfect summer pout?
Jaime Costilow


  1. Chubby Sticks are the best!

    1. I couldn't agree more! Chubby sticks are by far the best and the color is AMAZING!