Monday, July 14, 2014

Lake Lovin'

During this past 4th of July weekend Jarrod and I had the opportunity to spend a day at his cousin's lake house for his grandmother's birthday celebration (Happy 84th, Frannie!). Upon arriving at the cottage we immediately fell in love with the serenity of the lake - it was so gorgeous there! Despite being together for over a decade, that day I had the opportunity to meet many of his family members that I had never encountered before. I spent the day in the sun, snacking on fruit (and birthday cupcakes!), and listening to family stories. I snapped a few shots throughout the day and have shared them below!
Looking out onto Lake Cordry
I couldn't believe how clear the water was!
This is Lulu, she's a 10 week old Goldendoodle. She was too cute!

My lake attire was super casual as I planned to be basking in the sun in my swimsuit most of the day. My look consisted of this adorable lobster crop top (it's now only $5!), denim cutoffs, colorful Reef sandals, a crossbody bag, and fun accessories. It was a perfect summer day that I won't soon forget!
 photo KacieSignature_zps43ec0c9a.jpg


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Haley! I definitely feel more inclined to snap photos in a beautiful setting! :)

  2. amazing lobster crop top and you had a great holiday! Cool photos!

    1. I was a little unsure about it until I tried it on, and the price was incredible! Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  3. What a fun trip- and how cute are you in that lobster top?! :)


    1. Thanks, girl! It was definitely a good find and it was perfect for the lake!