Thursday, November 6, 2014

Brazilian Blowout Bonanza

So, I don't know if it's just my body chemistry changing or damage from years of using heat tools and hair color but my hair has become quite frizzy over the last few years and nothing seems to tame it - not even a flat iron. Recently when my wonderful hair stylist (who also happens to be my sister in law and owns the cutest little salon on the west side of Indy) became Brazilian Blowout certified, I knew it was something I wanted to try!

Let me tell you, I am so happy with the results! In the photo above, you can see my hair before the treatment on the left and after on the right - and I didn't even have to straighten it to get it to look like that. Simply dry it with a hair dryer and have shiny, smooth, straight hair!

How does it work? The process begins with a simple wash to make sure your hair is squeaky clean. Then the solution is applied to sections of your air dried hair and combed through, blow dried and straightened with a flat iron. Next it's back to the shampoo bowl to rinse the solution out (no shampoo needed) and apply a hydrating masque. After rinsing the masque out, the hair is dried with a hair dryer and you are done! While the process seems simple, it should most definitely only be done by a certified stylist.

Using the Brazilian Blowout shampoo, conditioner and masque (the masque alone is amazing - it's referred to as a "mini blowout in a tube") at home will help you maintain the results for up to 12 weeks! And because the solution creates a protective barrier on the hair, it also protects your color and fights heat damage, cuts down on drying time and helps with de-tangling.

I absolutely recommend this service to anyone looking to tame frizz - it's life changing!

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  1. Oooh, super sleek! The finished result is gorgeous!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Yes, it takes me so much less time to get ready now! No more straightening! :)

  2. Gorgeous hair!! oving your blog too btw
    Martina x

    1. Thanks, Martina! Thanks for stopping by our blog - we love meeting other bloggers!

  3. Your hair looks great! have done Brazilian Blowouts in the past and loved them! My stylists now uses Global Keratin for keratin treatments.

    1. Thank you - I'm totally loving the ease of getting ready! Just dry and go! :)