Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty Stash Clean Out

Each spring we find ourselves getting stir crazy and more than ready for warmer weather. Let’s face it, we’ve been cooped up all winter long, wrapped in a cozy blanket, not daring to step outside unless we have to. We personally let everything slide in the winter because quite honestly, it’s freezing. We can totally say that today as we face frigid temps a wind chill of -22 during the day. But it’s time to get outta that blanket girls and start preparing for the upcoming warm weather. Not only can you do spring cleaning around the house, but you can also go the extra mile and give your beauty bags some much needed help, and by help we mean the ‘Spring Clean Refresh of 2015’, ladies.

We don’t know about you, but we could use a good beauty bag refresh ourselves and the beginning of the year marks a fresh start for you to de-clutter and rid yourself of unwanted, unused and expired products. We’ve teamed up with Meijer to not only share some tips, but also give your beauty stash some TLC with some fun, new products. Here are some ways we're cleaning out our beauty stash:

Makeup Bag Cleaning
You tote all of your fabulous makeup, brushes, sunscreen, etc. in it all year long, so you’re bound to have some makeup film building up inside. Now is the time to dump everything out and not only examine your products, but take a disinfectant wipe and clean that puppy out. Warning: ours had enough bronzer and foundation powder in it that we could have totally made a new palette. Ick! Or you could always ditch your old bag and hit up the Meijer beauty aisle to purchase a trendy, new bag, just sayin'...’

Brush & Sponge Cleaning
To ensure that your brushes wear well, and still apply your makeup smoothly, it’s important to keep them clean. We recommend a deep clean every month to keep your brushes in tip top condition. Use a simple cleanser (baby shampoo works wonders) and remember to wash them with the bristles down to keep them intact. As for sponges, we wash ours weekly with a dish soap/olive oil mixture and then replace them every three-four months.

Product Discard
Using makeup and other cosmetics that are beyond their expiration date can be a risk to your health. The chemicals in the makeup can accumulate germs after use and could potentially result in an infection. Sad, but true. So just use your best judgement, and our quick-reference guide and your face will thank us later. Besides, that lip color and nail lacquer are so last year! Time to try some new products like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish that lasts up to 14 days and comes in a plethora of fun spring shades. It's amazing - believe us, we tried it!

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen
If you’re like us, Spring means you can fold up the treadmill and starting running outside again. As you clean out your beauty stash, take a moment to look at the expiration date on your sunscreens to make sure they too aren’t expired. If they are, it’s time to pitch them and start over fresh.We're really loving Neutrogena's CoolDry Sport spray. It actually helps sweat evaporate to keep you cool! Pro tip: Depending on the sunscreen, it will be good for anywhere from 1-3 years. Just keep tabs on it because no one likes the lobster look.

Best Face Forward
Let's face it ladies, we aren't getting any younger! Anti-aging products are becoming more important to us than ever and we love trying new products to see what will work best. For those who can't afford to spend upwards of $100 on face care (ridic, right?!), we highly recommend the Revitalift Volume Filler serum and moisturizer by L'oreal. Not only is this line affordable, but silky smooth!

Now on to foundation. Spring calls for a lighter face of makeup and powder foundations are a perfect option. We highly recommend L'oreal's Infallible Pro-Matte Finish 16 Hour powder. Pro tip: Along with your correct shade, buy the lightest shade and the darkest shade to highlight and bronze with and blend with a brush. Contouring at it's finest, friends!

Segment Those Samples
Trips to beauty stores have left us with more samples that we know what to do with. At this point, we could start our own Birchbox using our personal stash of samples. Now is a great time to segment out the samples you’d actually use from the ones that sound appealing at the time, but aren’t really your speed. This will not only free up space in your cabinets, but also allow you to find things easier. Pro tip: Grab a fun beauty organizer from your local Meijer and store these leftover samples in your guest bathroom so your guests have nice products to use when they visit.

Now that you’ve cleaned out your beauty stash, we’re sure you have some things on your list that you’ll need to replenish. All of the products mentioned in this post are now available in the Meijer beauty section so be sure to check them out! Good luck ladies and bring on spring!

*The products mentioned were provided courtesy of Meijer but the opinions in this post are exclusively those of Regally Soled.

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  1. I've heard sooo much information about how long to keep makeup. I only wear mascara so thankfully I go through it pretty fast!

    1. It's definitely the perfect time of year to clean out your drawers and get rid of anything that's old, or gone unused for quite some time. I know I have a ton of mascara that I have just sitting around that I've purchased and didn't care for, so that's getting pitched ASAP.

  2. Thank you for this post - SO helpful!


    1. You're welcome, Michelle! It's not the funnest thing to do but getting rid of old products is definitely a good idea!

  3. Woww I love this post! So much information and the things is I have so much eyeshadow and I never wear it before, make me think about it so much ><

    1. Thank you, Rin! If you never wear it, it's probably safe to toss after a while! Plus, it gives you an excuse to try some new products! :)

  4. Replies
    1. You're very welcome, Maggie! And thanks for checking out our blog!