Friday, August 26, 2016

Indy Microblading Magic

Let me tell you a sad, sad story about a pre-teen girl who was so terrified of having a unibrow that she fell into plucking madness and ruined her brows forever…

As you might have guessed, I’m the main character of this horror story.

Eventually my over plucking lead the hair to stop growing altogether and left me with a HUGE, uneven gap between my brows. And the funny part is, I never even noticed it until I started blogging three years ago and began looking at pictures of myself all too often. Also, enter the bold brow craze of 2015. Fortunately for me, there is a face-saving angel right here in Indy who has learned the art of microblading.

If you’re not familiar with microblading, it is a semi-permanent process that uses colored pigment to etch hair-like strokes and reshape your brows. When my brow girl (she's more like a magician really), Que, told me that she was going to start offering the service, I was both excited and nervous, but I signed up to have it done and could not be happier with the results! If you’re considering microblading, here’s what I think you should know:

-    Microblading is a two-part process. The first session helps you develop the overall shape you want to achieve. Then, you must wait 3-4 weeks until the area has healed and come back for another session to really fill in the brows and add defined details.
-    I’m told it lasts approximately a year and a half but may fade due to sun exposure and/or other various reasons and therefore touch-ups may be required. I’m currently one week past my second appointment and they look great!
-    The process is advertised as “pain free” but I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s true. Despite the topical numbing cream that is applied prior, it’s definitely uncomfortable (or at least it was for me - maybe not for everyone?). It’s not something that unbearable by any means, but I do think it’s worth mentioning for those who are preparing for or considering this procedure.
-    After the procedure you can go about your regular routine, just with Vaseline on your brows for five days to keep out moisture during exercise and showering.
-    The area will scab during the healing process, but its barely noticeable at all. Be sure to not touch the scabs as this can pull pigment out and leave bare spots. Just let those pesky little scabbies flake off on their own!
-    It’s totally worth it if you’ve done major damage to your brows, like I have!

All in all, I’m very glad I got it done and seriously wish it were permanent! I can totally see a difference in the symmetry of my face and am all the more confident as a result. If you’re in Indianapolis and considering microblading, definitely check out Que Alexander Brows! She does an absolutely amazing job and is currently offering introductory pricing!



  1. How long do the strands last for? I've been seeing this all over and even though I overplucked my brows in the 90s they have been able to grow back! Hope this works for you because I totally understand the overplucking....

    1. I'm told it lasts a year and a half. So far, I'm loving it! It's totally worth it!!

  2. Oh wow ... looks good!

    Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday and have a fab weekend!

    Dawn Lucy

  3. Wow! This looks amazing! My sister over plucked when she was younger and is regretting it now. I'm going to have to tell her about this.

  4. I'd never heard of micro blading until a couple months ago! It really fascinates me! I have thick brows (luckily) so I don't need to get it done but it sounds like a great options for those who do!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  5. A girlfriend of mine had this done about 6 months ago and loves the results! I actually did a story about it when I worked in TV and it's so interesting how they do it! Part science and part art. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'd love to not have to fill my brows in everyday so microblading is definitely something I'm thinking about.

    Love, Lindsey

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