Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hoosier Proud: At Home in Indiana

Growing up in the Hoosier state you've become accustomed to the inevitable questions of life: What is a Hoosier? Do you like basketball? Listen, this girl does not have a wicked jump shot, nor can I really even describe to you what a Hoosier is (since no one seems to know the exact origin), but one thing's for certain, I'm proud to be a down to earth, Midwestern girl.

I'd be totally lying to you if I said I disliked dressing up, but there is something about a t-shirt and jeans that just screams comfort to me. When Indiana-based Hoosier Proud reached out to Kacie and I, we were more than happy to collaborate to show off their awesome Indiana apparel. I can honestly say this home t-shirt was the first thing I noticed. I loved how the design incorporated the torch from our state flag as the letter O, and you can't beat the comfort level. Seriously soft!

To an outsider, Indiana appears to be a fly over state with little appeal. To me, I'm proud to be a Hoosier because despite popular stereotypes from television and movies, there is far more than corn in Indiana.

Jaime Costilow

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  1. Very cool one ;)