Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Summertime Sadness

I used to not be the biggest fan of summer. I mean, it really hasn't been that cool since I was in high school and didn't have a job. Remember the days when you could stay up late, sleep late and do whatever you wanted, every single day for two months? Yeah, I barely do either. But this summer has actually been pretty great which makes me sad for it to end. But, I also see the positive side: Fall is my favorite season, so it has to be just as great, if not better!

Enough about me, onto this end-of-summer look (and yes, I know there's technically still like an entire month left before the season changes, ha!).

Kacie Clark

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Makeup Transformation: From Jaime to Taylor

Normally I'd say my makeup abilities are pretty strong, but when you compare my skills to my sisters–I quickly head to amateur status. From covering up skin concerns to a beautifully sculpted contour and stunning eye, she definitely is my go-to when it comes to beauty tips and tricks. I had literally just stepped on a plane after a work trip when she pitched her video idea to me, and I was immediately all in. Unshowered and not a stitch of makeup on my face, I headed to her apartment to film this video and die laughing the process.

Jaime Costilow