Friday, October 13, 2017

Wake Up & Makeup with Meijer

If you're like us, you're just getting in your makeup groove and have perfected your makeup routine for summer–then fall hits and totally sends you into a tailspin. Just when you've got your skin under control with the right skincare/makeup routine, it's time to switch things up and opt for hydrating creams and swap powder matte foundation for a liquid full coverage look. This may be a super frustrating time for some people, but luckily we love trying out new products and creating a list of new favorites as the season changes. Let's not kid ourselves, we still have staples that are constant, year-round, and thankfully the Meijer beauty section keeps our cabinets fully stocked for all occasions. Check out what products we're using to transition from summer to fall–and head to Meijer to take advantage of their Fall Beauty Week!

Jaime Costilow

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bye Bye, Bae Bae

This year, Summer was my bae. But now it's Fall and I'm not quite ready to say bye-bye to my shorts and tanks. Why? Because it's been in the 80s the last two weeks and for some odd reason, I'm just not feelin' the sweaters yet. Maybe because I'm not interested in risking a heat stroke for an Instagram photo. :)

Kacie Clark

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

White After Labor Day

The answer to your question is–YES, you can in fact wear white after Labor Day! I’m a habitual rule follower in life, but when it comes to rules of fashion, there are only a few I follow–and refraining from wearing white after Labor Day is definitely one rule that has gone by the wayside. Thank god because I don’t know what I would do all winter long without white skinnies in my life.

Jaime Costilow