Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blush & White for the Winter

What gets me through the winter? Well, the past few years it’s been out long family trip to around Christmas to anywhere warm. St Thomas is our go-to vacation spot, but Hurricane Irma and Maria ruined our plans this year, and we ended up in Aruba. I can’t complain at all because the beaches were beautiful, the water was warm and the breeze kept you cool even on the hottest days–the makings of a perfect beach getaway! What I can complain about however is how quickly my tan faded upon returning to frigid temps. Seriously devastating for a girl with olive skin that always looks a little green in the winter.

Luckily this blush and white outfit helped to bring out the glow a bit!

I bought this top in October from my fave Indiana boutique, Elysian Co, and I'm just now getting around to wearing it. I love the billowy sleeves, waist cinching bow and the blush color–so cute! Oddly enough, my sister modeled it in our Foundation's fall fashion show and I, being the the good sister that I am, immediately stole it from her and added it to my pile of must-haves. I mean, I told her I would share...

As you may remember from my post last fall, I love white skinnies year-round. They pretty much are a pant choice of any season for me–old school fashion rules be damned. Another part of this outfit I'm loving are these over the knee boots I picked up at Target. For $44, they are a steal of a deal and comfortable. I love that I can wear them even when it's snowing and not worry about them getting ruined with salt, snow and overall winter sludge. I've linked some other faves below so you can put together a look like this all your own. Enjoy!

Jaime Costilow


  1. Such a pretty look! I love all of the fun details from that top. Blush and white is a fav color combo of mine. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  2. That blush top is absolutely beautiful! I love the tie and the bow detail and how the sleeves drape. Your makeup is done perfectly!


  3. A fantastic and super elegant outfit! Your top is amazing and I'm a total fan of the OTK boots ;)


  4. Wow, I love this look! The grey otk boots are gorgeous and I love the color combo with the blush and white. What a beautiful top, love the tie at the waist! Note to self... blush top for spring!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  5. I have a major crush on bows! Love this pairing ;)

    xo, Natasha
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