Thursday, July 26, 2018

Two-Piece Windowpane Wonder

I've always loved the idea of a matching, two-piece set, but I could never quite find one that I was completely sold on. Do I want something basic, or really trendy and patterned? Obviously, I'm more of a basics girl who enjoys buying long lasting pieces, but when a classic windowpane pattern and a two-piece set collide–this girl buys.

Recently Kacie and I took the three hour trek back to my hometown in northern Indiana to help at a fashion show hosted by my favorite boutique, Elysian + Co. Did I mention it was at at a winery?! Yeah, when wine, clothing and accessories unite, it's a match made in heaven. The fashion was kicked off with fun t-shirts supporting my sister's foundation (check out my Instagram to see the adorable "Uh Huh Honey" tee we had) and then finished off with some of the BEST pieces from Elysian the the most perfect summer tones.

I may or may not have pre-shopped before the event started and I knew this outfit had to come home with me. I don't have anything in my closet like this and in the spirit of being an actual fashion blogger, I thought I'd try something new. Turns out, I loved the simplicity of the outfit. The flowing top, the high waisted pants perfect for even the hottest summer days and the classic windowpane pattern were enough to draw me in.

With so many cute things to choose from during the show, I could have easily taken it all home with me. But with the Nordstrom sale also happening in tandem, I opted to snag a few that would be great for summer and early fall.

I've said this time and time again, but if you haven't checked out the amazing selection at Elysian + Co, you're missing out! Follow them on Instagram and visit their website to check everything out–you won't be sorry!

Jaime Costilow

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