Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Last of Fall with Forever 21

Ahhh, Fall. My favorite season of the year. Why? Because I can wear all the dark colors and not feel bad about it. And then BAM! This look came along. Who would have thought that I'd actually throw some color into my Fall wardrobe?! Perhaps I have been taken over by some sort of supernatural fashion force. Now that I think about it, Jaime did refer to me as a "Mulberry Monster" when we were heading out to take these photos. She may be on to something...

Blogging has been hard for me lately due to unexpected health expenses and also because I'm still trying to decorate our home. It's a process, let me tell ya! I tend to only buy basics that I can wear over and over and haven't really had any interest in buying the trendy pieces that I like to call "blog worthy". I mean, nobody wants to see the oversized tunics (even though they're cute Free People ones!) and denim I've been wearing on repeat.

So, when I saw this cute little corduroy jumper at Forever 21, I knew it was the perfect Thanksgiving style. I snagged it, along with this mock turtleneck top in the prettiest shade. Threw on some tights and booties and I was ready to head to the back of this random business park for photos! Success!

Now, as we move full steam ahead into the Christmas season, I'm all about fuzzy jackets, cozy sweaters and all the soft details. More to come soon!

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Kacie Clark

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