Tuesday, February 12, 2019

(Snow) Queen of Hearts

I've never cared for the snow, but something about being in our first home this Winter has given me all the cozy, nesting feels and I just love gazing out the window as the soft flakes fall and make everything shimmer. It feels like life slows down and everything becomes quiet, even if just for the day.

On Sunday when it began to snow, I knew it was perfect time to take some fun Valentine's Day photos–and have a little fun playing in the snow at the same time. This was new for us in the photography realm, so you'll notice that the full-body shots are not the greatest, but I think we did a great job for our first attempt!

I've been dying to wear this adorable sweater from local boutique, Dottie Couture (it's not longer available but I'm linking to some other great heart sweater options!), and paired it with a flirty skirt (under $12 on Amazon!) and white booties. I can't wait to wear it again on Thursday and style it in a completely different way.

What are you guys up to for Valentine's Day? Jonathan and I kicked off "Love Week" with a super fun couple's yoga class on Saturday night, then Wednesday night we have a ballroom lesson (we've been out of the studio way too long!) and Thursday night we're celebrating with a couple's cooking class. Last year we were in full house remodel mode and kind of skimmed over the holiday so I'm excited to have some fun plans this year!

Kacie Clark

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